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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What's Your Disclaimer?

How many of you have dated someone purely on looks? Have you looked past a dull personality because the face attached was more appealing? Would you put up with more if your spouse was better looking? How much do the looks of our partner really matter? If you HAD to chose looks or personality...which one is more important to YOU?

Personally, I say personality! Granted it's great when you find the whole package. But how many of us are vain enough to admit it's a huge cherry on top to be with someone extra good looking? A friend said "Ever notice that, the hotter someone is, the more you are willing to put up with?..." Is this true for you?

I know in the past I put up with way more than I should've. Was it love or lust keeping me there? True, the guys weren't a typical "HOT" to someone else but everyone has their own opinions. Also, how's the saying go..."love is blind". When your into someone your going to see them ten times hotter than someone else might. They might not fit the stereotypical definition of attractive but to you they are the hottest person in your life. Does that mean you will let them treat you like crap? Will your perception of them change?

Doesn't an ugly personality make the person ugly? I think it should. It'd be nice if we could all see each other inside out. Imagine if we all walked around with disclaimers. Tattoos across our arms or chest: I'm a cheater, liar, backstabber, burglar, lover, naive, awesome :).... would that make life easier? Well, at least for the good people. What would your disclaimer say?


  1. Interesting. I think people who are less appealing develop ways to make themselves more interesting. Good looking people (not all) are usually self-centered. They have not struggled through many challenges that most people go through because somany things are handed to them. I know this isn't the case for everyone, but this is what I have learned from my observations.

  2. looks arent everything...i had to learn that the hard way...smh