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Sunday, September 4, 2011


Ungrateful children.... how many of us have already lost a parent? If you have then you know what I mean when I say you'd do anything to have more time with that parent. I'm sure throughout the years I took things for granted. I took my dad for granted. I lost my dad 2 years ago, almost 3. I miss him everyday! It's upsetting to see so many people taking their loved ones for granted. Especially when it comes to your parents.

Example: I know a dad that does anything for his kids. He was a pretty distant father when his kids were younger. He was constantly working and traveling for his career. All in all he provided for them. They went to the best schools and have the best. Now they are GROWN MEN and still living off daddy's pockets. They have the nerve to not talk to him over small arguments. This man is living off soup and circle-k sandwhichs in order to pay for their universities in which they arent even excelling like one would hope. They spend his money like it's their own and he's over here struggling but wouldn't dare complain. He would never ask them to stop or cut them off. What is wrong with these "little boys"?

I think if they can't bother to even call their father then they have no right to spend a penny of his hard earned money. Kids like this drive me crazy!! What I wouldn't give to have my dad back? To have one more day with him just sitting on her porch! To drink his coffee and watch tv with him!! I hope they realize soon what they have and apologize. You never know how long someone is going to be in your life! Don't waste any time!!


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