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Friday, September 16, 2011

Lost Love Letters

How many of us have written a Love Letter before? I know I have! Especially in high school! I think almost everyone did! How many of those people have actually kept those letters years later? I have a few tucked away in a box. Not just love letters but letters from my friends and family throughout the years as well. Some are of importance and some are not so great. However the letter may be of importance to you and helps you remember that time of your life.

Now, imagine losing those letters? To be honest if I lost mine, I wouldn't really care either way. I can't remember the last time I went through them. If they were written by my "husband" (if I had one) then I would care! I read a story of a husband and wife that were shipping belongings including 8 years worth of love letters from the husband to his wife. During shipping their box broke and most of the letters were lost. 8 years of love letters lost! It might be the romantic part of me but I think that's sad in a sappy lovey dovey kind of way. I honestly hope someone out there has these letters and returns them to the owners. It obviously matters a great deal to them.

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