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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bros before Hoes?

I know, ghetto saying! Is it true? In some cases, its far from the truth. I know people that chose boyfriend/ girlfriends over friends, even family. Most times its because whoever they are with feel inferior to other people in the lives of the person they love. In all cases that I know personally, those relationships end eventually. As a good friend, I take those friends back into my life. After all if you love your friend, you'll always be there for them! I will say it stinks when they do hurt you but I'm very forgiving. My bf says its one of my faults. He says I'm too forgiving. Maybe I am?

I personally think it hurts more when family picks a boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife over family, over blood! This one I will not rant and rave about because it takes all my energy! I'm quite tired of it in fact! Most people reading this know what I am talking about. It's ongoing and who knows for how long! It truly hurts me but I know I'm not in the wrong and that's comforting. I love this person very much and would always be there for them. I would do anything for them!

It can be a lonely road if you turn away the people that were always there for you. I can understand wanting to please the one your with. If that person truly loves you then they would never ask you to do such a thing. Everyone needs family and friends.

                                                          would you want to walk alone?