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Monday, September 19, 2011

All Talk

Do you have someone in your life that tells you they'll be there for you but never is? The person I'm thinking of told me recently that they will help me whenever possible. That they are there when I need them especially when it comes to my daughters. One daughter in particular. Now I have reached out to said person twice for assistance in picking up my daughter from school. Said person can't accommodate their schedule to help. Why did they offer to help if they never can? I was told they can pick her up everyday if they have to so I don't have to spend money on daycare ( probably just so I don't claim it in my child support). Now I've actually asked for help twice (not easy for me mind you) and both times they "can't accommodate" their schedule!

In general, don't tell someone you'll help them if you know you won't. Be a person of your word! Don't fake it! When it comes down to it someone might really need you and if your not there for them, it can be devastating. Granted this isn't my case, I'm not devastated.... I'm disappointed. I'd like to think that when my friends or family need me I do my best to be there for them. If they need anything that I can provide then I will. If I have $10 to my name and they need $5 then so be it. All I ask is to be someone honorable and dependable. Why is that so hard for some people?

On a different note: I'm going to try to lose 10lbs before my birthday ( October 4th ). My bf and his sister are competeing to see which one of them will lose more weight ( at least 10 lbs ) before their birthday (october 9th ) so Imma do it in the shadows. I won't win or lose anything other than weight. In their competition whoever loses has to watch 2 girls 1 cup :/ yuck! i know!! Wish me luck :)

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