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Monday, August 22, 2011

Where's my money?

One of the toughest parts about being on my own is disciplining my girls. Today was one of the most trying days of my mommy life! My youngest decided that today she would push me to my braking point! Now, for those of you that know me, know I am soft spoken and not very scary. My kids do not fear me in any way which I am glad for but its horrible for disciplining! Sam spent most of her day in time out and sitting on her bed bored. Eventually, her day ended in a 7pm bedtime with no X-Men ( this is a big deal in our house :) ). As much as she drove me crazy today, it hurts me to see her cry because she cant enjoy her toys or favorite cartoon but how will she ever learn?

Today and days like today beg the question: Where is my money? Why are moms (good ones and dads too) not rewarded for raising their children properly without causing bodily harm? I know to some this might sound horrible but Lord knows you can only take so much but good parents would never hurt their children. The ones that do should have never had children in the first place! So, that being said! Where's my Lexus SUV? Or an extra $1000 a month? How about a dream vacation?  Yes, yes I decided to have my girls! It was my choice to become a parent. Truth be told, I didn't plan on doing it alone! Things happen and what was once your life isn't the same life you have today! Am I better off for it? Probably, Yes! Do I struggle financially? Of course! But who doesn't now a days! My true rewards are my girls because after all is said and done, they are true blessings and make everything worth while! For every one time they act up there's a million where they are great and sweet girls! I'm lucky!

I still wouldn't mind $1000 extra :) keep that in mind. okay :) haha! jk!