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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tired of sitting @ home

Its saturday night and im sitting @ home watching movie after movie just to be doing something. I have things to clean but if i do them tonight then i wont have anything to do tomorrow. i must sound so0o lame but its true. Truth is, im as broke as they come! I cant drive my car and waste gas, i need it to last! I only have the exact amount for my rent! I love living on my own!! but it is difficult! I wish i could have the time for a second job to help with my bills, etc but with school starting monday (taking pre-reqs for the nursing program) and already having a full time job plus 2 kids, itd be too much!!!

i love being a mom!!! love it!!! but i need a night out! im so0o beyond stressed and could use a night of dancing and not thinking (too much) but I cant ever get a babysitter!! My 40 yr old sister has a more active social life than i do! id like to be able to go out with my bf more often, he loves to go out and i wish i could be with him more but its harder for us moms to get out. thankfully hes very understanding of that! i hope that doesnt change.

side note: i want to get a 1/4 sleeve, left arm, not sure what yet!!!
i really want a peacock though!what do you think?

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