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Friday, August 26, 2011

A Night Out... o0o but to DREAM!

Fact: I'm a single mom
Fact: I'm stressed beyond belief!
Fact: I would love some alone time!!!
Also Fact: Super hard to find a babysitter for 2 kids!!!
Also Fact: Chances of getting out and blowing off some stress are slim to none!!

I have quite a few friends that are single parents. Most, if not all of them get their alone time because they share custody of their kids and get every other weekend alone or they have family that watches their kids. I think thats awesome for them as long as its not a constant thing! I understand and accept the fact that Im in this alone, I decided to have both of my girls. I do share custody of my oldest so I dont have her every other weekend. However, I am the sole parent for my youngest. Her father passed away before she was born so she only has me. Hence, I never have alone time! Thankfully theyre both really great girls and pretty well behaved. I love them and dont regret for one second having them!! That being said, everyone needs time for themselves!
   Example: The girls were watching Strawberry Shortcake and I was in my room folding laundry. Aly starts yelling for me to come to the living room to sit with them. Im enjoying the quiet in my room and decline her offer ( i hate the movie that shes watching). She starts to cry that she just wants to sit next to me etc... What am I to do? Shes my love!! How can you decline such an offer?

Free time? What is that? You give up so much when you become a parent!! I have a cousin that is honest with herself and admits she's too selfish to be a mother! Although I hope one day she does become a mom because it is amazing, I applaude her honesty. It takes a lot to be a parent, let alone doing it on your own. People take so much for granted!

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