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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Medical Assistant/ Student/ Single Mom

First off, let me clarify the word SINGLE in my blog. Someone who shall remain nameless seems to think I shouldn't say Single because I'm in a relationship. True, happily taken! Also, True- not married! Moving On...

I work 5-6 days a week at a Pediatric Urgent Care. I CAN NOT for the life of me afford daycare at this time. Temporary solution: Sam (my 3yr old) has been going to work with me! I know, crazy!! It was actually my bosses idea. Although I am grateful they allow me to bring her, it feels awful. I try my best to be professional but it must not look great to have a kid sitting at the front desk! Did I mention I work front and back office, alone? Imagine leaving a 3 yr old at a desk alone for 5 minutes! She gets into everything! She even figured out how to work the copy machine! Of course, I tell her not to touch a thing but what 3 yr old isnt curious?!? Hopefully soon I'll be able to find a cheap daycare that is not horrible and she can make friends.

Monday I offically started my online courses. First up is Biology and Anatomy! Oh, so exciting haha. Seriously, I do love the subjects and I'm excited to get these courses out of the way. Next monday I start Phsycology. Why did I think it was a good idea to start these classes so close together? Oh, thats right, for financial aid they have to be within the same block! Damn financial aid! Before I know it I'll be fighting the good fight in Nursing School so it will all be worth it. It's also good practice for the heavyload of work I have ahead of me.

Now, let's throw in my beautiful, energetic daughters. Aly has just started kindergarten which she loves (thank god).  Aly is my calm child. Although she has a huge attitude and can push anyones buttons, shes usually mild mannered. Sam is a pistol as some say. She is off the wall energetic and overflowing with curiosity. She wants to be in everything and see everything. Unfortunately, she doesnt know her limits which causes problems. Sam is also very sensitive. She keeps me busy! I have two kids and my head is spinning! I have no idea how moms/parents in general have more than that. My twin has 4 kids and is pregnant! Granted she has a stay at home husband but still, talk about stress! God bless her!

All being said... I live on my own, my bills and rent are my own. I make sure my girls are clothed and feed. Do I struggle? Struggle currently will be a constant as it is for most single parents. Is it worth it? Of course it is! Would I still struggle if I didnt have my kids? Probably not. Would I be where I am today? Probably not. My girls are my inspiration! They are the reason I want to further my career. I want to make sure that one day we will have at least financial struggles behind us! All kids deserve the best and my kids will have it!

Later.... I get asked why doesnt my bf help me with my bills? rent? etc..... Really!?! I dont have time to write more about this but will later. :/

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