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Monday, August 22, 2011

Dating and the single mom

Advice for Single Moms

I found the above video online. There are some awful videos out there! Most of which just put down single mothers. I know quite a few single mothers, all of which don't fit the sterotypes that these men discuss in their online videos. Single moms are... wh0res, lazy, money hungry (gold diggers), looking for a "babies daddy",etc.... Really? I will admit there are awful mothers (and fathers) out there!! Keep in mind there are also great mothers out there, who happen to be single! It depends on the individual. Yes, it is harder to date a single mother. There are time constrants, sometimes "curfews", rules to follow, etc. Also, guys dont flatter yourselves. "oh, i'd never date a single mom!" Like your too good or something! Whose to say a single mom or any women for that matter would want to date you!?!

As a mother whose in a relationship I have to plan things out first. The nice thing when you dont have kids is freedom. The freedom to do what you want when you want. If you want to stay out all night, you can and so on. Being a mother and freedom dont exactly go hand in hand. Theres planning involved with a few hours of "freedom". Getting a babysitter can be a struggle!! So dont date someone that is going to always want to go out and expects you to constantly leave your kid(s) with a babysitter. Well, thats just a douche bag and you shouldve never started dating him in the first place! If a single mom were to date someone that likes to go out then that mom has to be understanding and trusting. You cant expect him to stay at home with you every night and they cant expect you to go out every night. Balance! There needs to be a balance! Make time for eachother. Enough that makes both of you happy! :)

Dating a single mother is not for the weak! Not for the jealous types! Not for attention hoggers! Not for the selfish!

Ladies: Dating someone is to find someone that you sincerly like. You come first in the beginning of the dating process. Dating is  not a serious thing, thats what relationships are for. Worry about if he'll get along with your kid(s) after your sure you will get along with him for a long period of time.

i think the guy in the video above gives good, solid advice, short and simple :)

2am, work in the am :)

had an awesome date with my awesome bf tonight :)  it is possible to find awesome men that date awesome moms (like me haha :)~ )  <3 <3 <3

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