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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Burning Man

Burning Man? Do any of you what this is? Well, for the uninformed, it is a huge camp of thousands of people! Thousands upon thousands show up at a huge camp site in the middle of Nevada for a week! There's art, music, drugs, etc... It starts Monday and i believe ends Sunday. Anyways, the reason I mention it is guess whose boyfriend is attending? Yup, thats right, this girls! A whole week without my babe! :( It seems like this Burning Man is something every artsy lovin person should attend at least once in their life! I just hope he'll be safe and not melt! It is in the middle of the desert in AUGUST! Now I'm thinking you have to be partially insane to go to this! Maybe end of September but August!

This coming week will be a somewhat lonely one for me! Not completely lonely, I have my beautiful girls for that!! Lots of homework to be done and cleaning. I'm sure it will fly by and he'll be back before I know it! Sorry Im so sappy today!! Shush, dont tell my bf!! :)

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